Carpet Cleaning Supplies for Removing Wine Stains

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One of my favorite and less expensive carpet cleaning supplies for removing wine out of my carpet is Oxy Clean, and it is also safe for most fabrics but you do want to test any cleaner in a non conspicuous place to make sure it is safe for the fabric of your carpet. If you spill wine on your carpet you need to act immediately because the longer it sits there the harder it will be to get out even with a carpet steam cleaner.

CleaningredwineoutofcarpetThere are several different home cleaning supplies you could try and here are a few:

Club soda can be poured on the stain and the carbonation will help to lift the stain from the carpet.

Wine Away works well to get out red wine stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide, just pour it on and leave it. this will lighten up the stain and you would never know it was there.

Resolve stain remover works pretty well if you blot it clean right away and then put on this cleaner.

Detergent. There are also some mixture of cleaning products I have found that work real well too. Mix 1 teaspoon of mild detergent no alkalies or bleaches in it and a cup of warm water and also one-third cup of white household vinegar with two-thirds cup of water. First you want to blot with the detergent and then blot with the vinegar and repeat until stain is gone.

Equal parts of Dawn dish washing liquid and hydrogen peroxide with plenty of water and a shop vac is what you will need for this one. Put down the mixture, blot and suck up with shop vac and repeat until the stain is gone. This can take a few times and some work but these are products most families already have in their home.

There are also many different cleaning supplies you can find at your local market that will work as well.

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